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Manakeep 728x90
(Jan 09, 2014)
I hate Stormrage...stuck on loading screen
(Jan 01, 2014)
Hope everyone had a great New Year!
(Dec 10, 2013)
Ill be chillin in vent tonight
(Dec 04, 2013)
(Dec 04, 2013)
(Nov 21, 2013)
Hey raiders, if you don't start posting/txting or letting us know you're not showing up, there's going to be consequences
(Nov 15, 2013)
</cry> Even if I could play, my account has been "Frozen" due to an "Unexpected Error in processing my payment. Please contact customer support." </cry>
(Nov 12, 2013)
LOVE, absolutely LOVE getting screwed over the night before reset. Thanx SO much for being considerate enough to give us some fucking notice.
(Nov 09, 2013)
What do you all think of the new expansion?
(Nov 08, 2013)
This is a horrible UI...
(Nov 03, 2013)
So, it appears my shaman has disappeared from the armory and I'm a bit puzzled
(Oct 29, 2013)
Damn you guys need to kill Garrosh! ;)
(Oct 28, 2013)
btw im trapped in houston may or not be online tonigth
(Oct 26, 2013)
Is anyone still using this Site?
(Oct 22, 2013)
550 queue already. :/
(Oct 21, 2013)
Grats on the Paragons!!!\
(Oct 21, 2013)
I am indeed... Haven't had a chance to get online in the past couple of weeks... been too busy working my ass off.. :(
(Oct 21, 2013)
PJ:'re so behind.
(Oct 20, 2013)
And Hax, why did you pull Gnowai
(Oct 20, 2013)
Wow... poofy left the guild... huh