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I need a copy of this so I can do my video up for next week
It's quite large, but I'll see if I can't upload it somewhere it can be downloaded. The AVI file is 73mb.
First, want to say that it's pretty awesome! Great work!!

However, I do have a suggestion. Don't know how possible it will be, but I think it might need to be a bit longer, in that, after the current final fade out, maybe have some clips of us fighting one of the raid bosses (where we don't actually wipe, but take the boss down)... or a pan over a guild picture after defeating, say, the Will of the Emperor or something like that??

Anyway, just a thought... feel free to flame away!

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood paladin,
I could totally do any and all of that, once I have material :/ If someone has a rig capable of taking HQ fraps vids I'd be more than willing to add and expand on it. Currently my rig doesn't have adequate HD storage and is getting quickly outdated. As the video sits now I had just intended that to be a placeholder intro for any guild vids anyone wants to make.

If anyone was wondering I have the Adobe Master Collection CS6, so any ideas/material, send me a message and I'll let you know how to get them to me!
If I ever am not working and get a chance to raid, my computer is more than capable of doing it and I already have fraps. I also have the master suites so I can cut it up to minimize file size for the transfer. Just remind me to launch it the next time I am in raid so I can capture it and adjust down to the 1920x1080 res so its easier to work with.

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